Design your zero emission city

With all the new climate standards and public health initiatives, now's the time to invest in a green and sustainable charging infrastructure. We're already helping Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Monaco become zero emission cities — will you be next?

The age of electric mobility

Today, cities turn to electric transportation, car sharing, and emission-free zones as a result of stricter climate standards. The growing number of electric cars on the road, however, has brought an increasing need for charging points in public areas. We're here to help you on your path to building a more sustainable city.

Push for clean air and healthy living

Establish your city as a frontrunner of clean transportation. Electric-car sales are increasing 50% year-over-year, and electric drivers are looking for cities that can support this level of growth. Put your city on their radar by installing public charging stations.

Facilitate citizens and travellers

Due to the lack of public charging infrastructure, EV drivers need to plan every trip more carefully than gas car owners. By building an open, public charging infrastructure throughout your city, you'll be a lifesaver for all the electric drivers out there.

Maintain a stable grid

With full access to our Smart Charging configurations, you'll gain insights into charging behavior city-wide, and balance the available power to ensure a safe and energy-efficient use of the grid at all times.

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Why EVBox?

Many cities all over the world are working to make themselves more sustainable, which is awesome. But making the switch can be a lot of work. That’s where we come in.

Having equipped more than 980 cities in over 30 countries with electric car charging stations, we’re more than capable of helping you design, install, and manage your new EV infrastructure. And with the most reliable charging station on the market, choosing EVBox is always the right move.

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