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EVBox BusinessLine is ENERGY STAR certified. That means the EPA has tested our station and found it to be top of its class in energy efficiency, reliability, and value. Want to learn more?

Why ENERGY STAR matters

Installing electric vehicle charging stations at your location is a great decision for many reasons. That said, it does take a fair amount of energy to charge a car — so when you get your stations, you’ll want to make sure that they use your energy efficiently. That’s why, when you’re shopping for EV chargers, it’s good to make sure their efficiency is proven — and who is more trusted in that arena than ENERGY STAR?

With an ENERGY STAR certified station, you get:

Guaranteed efficiency

Charging stations require energy — so at least make sure they’re using it effectively. Every ENERGY STAR certified charging station promises to reduce energy waste during at least 85% of its lifetime. That means, when an EVBox station is not in use, neither is your energy.

Tested reliability

ENERGY STAR certified stations are rigorously tested to ensure every aspect of the station is not only safe, but in the top of its class in terms of reliability. And with EVBox 99.5% uptime and durable design, you can rest easy knowing your stations are secure.

Future-proof protection

Our ENERGY STAR certified stations support interoperability and open standards (OCPP). To put it simply, BusinessLine works on multiple different networks. This prevents vendor lock-in and, in turn, your investment from ever becoming obsolete. To learn more about interoperability and OCPP compliance, download our brochure here.

Brand enhancement

When it comes to equipping your location with an EV charging solution, it’s nice for drivers to see that the stations they're using are environmentally friendly. And what quicker way to do that then with an ENERGY STAR certified station?

Want to learn more about what EVBox has to offer? Download our brochure and find out!


How EVBox Works

Outside of being ENERGY STAR certified, there are a lot of other ways EVBox BusinessLine is designed to save your energy. Want to learn a little more about our Smart Charging features and how they're set up to save you money? Watch the video above to find out.

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