The award-winning charging station for commercial locations

Awards and certifications

Red Dot Design Award
iF Design Award
CES 2019
Energy Star

Award-winning design, powerful performance

Designed specifically for the North American market, EVBox Iqon is ideal for locations looking for a reliable EV charging experience with a premium look and feel.

An effortless user experience

EVBox Iqon provides a fully accessible charging experience for every EV driver. Its award-winning, ADA-compliant design features a smart cable management system, a large touchscreen, and guiding LED lights.

  • Auto-locking and auto-retractable cables
  • 8" multi-language touchscreen
  • ADA-compliant and wheelchair accessible

Built to endure and evolve

Vandal-proof and weather-resistant, EVBox Iqon is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation. Simplify network management with remote firmware updates, support, and efficient energy distribution.

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Always connected with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE
  • Manage your charging network in one place

Easy to scale and earn revenue

Attract EV drivers by publishing your charging stations on public charging maps. Monetize charging to see a faster ROI. Plus, thanks to Hub-Satellite, you can scale your charging network quickly.

  • Set custom charging fees
  • OCPP-compliant
  • Hub-Satellite configuration

EVBox Iqon’s multi-award-winning, ADA-compliant design provides a fully accessible charging experience for every EV driver.

Six more reasons to choose EVBox Iqon


Smart cable management

EVBox Iqon’s auto-locking, auto-retractable cable management system makes it easy for anyone to use your station while avoiding cable damage.


8" LCD touchscreen

EVBox Iqon's large LCD color touchscreen provides instructions, support, and pricing information, and is configurable in up to four languages.



The display and charging cables are at a wheelchair-accessible height out-of-the-box, making EV charging convenient for all drivers.


Adaptive screen brightness

EVBox Iqon's screen brightness adapts, so it’s readable in any light. The proximity function welcomes users by waking up when they approach.


Universally compatible

Compatible with every EV on the market, EVBox Iqon is equipped with two Type 1 fixed cables to charge two EVs simultaneously at 7.2 kW per car.


Guiding LED lights

Color-changing LED lights provide users with clear status information. The light strips also attract drivers searching for a place to charge.

Charge two cars simultaneously

Equipped with two Type 1 fixed cable, EVBox Iqon can host simultaneous charging sessions at 7.2 kW of power per car and is compatible with every electric vehicle on the market.

Charging power

1 hour
charging time
1 hour
charging time
1 hour
charging time
1 hour
charging time
10 miles
driving range
15 miles
driving range
20 miles
driving range
25 miles
driving range
  • 3.7
  • 4.8
  • 6.3
  • 7.2

Electrical properties

Charging capacity

7.2 kW per connector

Maximum output power

2 x 7.2 kW (split phase, 240 V AC, 30 A per cable)

Approx. charging times

Up to 24 miles of range in 1 hour

Connector type

2 x Type 1 (J1772) fixed cables

Cars charged simultaneously


Physical properties


188 lbs. (excluding packaging)


16.2" x 74.5" x 11.5" (WxHxD) with 2" removable base extension

Cable reach

18 ft / 5.5 m

Enclosure materials

Stainless steel, polycarbonate


Black (RAL 7021) and grey (RAL 7006)





8” (20 cm) LCD color touchscreen, sunlight readable

Display languages

English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch

Safety and certification


CE and UL-compliant version

Operating temperature range

UL: -22°F to 113°F / -30°C to +45°C

Enclosure ratings

Type 3R (UL 50E)


MID certified / UL revenue-grade kWh meter


Communication standard

4G / 3G / GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth


RFID / QR code

Communication protocol

OCPP 1.5 S, 1.6 S and 1.6 J

Other options

Hub or Satellite station

*Please note: We’re currently undergoing a rebranding process, so please be aware that the product you receive may still feature our old branding.

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