Frequently asked questions

You've come to the right place. Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions about electric vehicle driving and charging.

Charging Locations

Where can I charge my electric car?

You can charge your electric car anywhere you find an accessible charging station, be this at home, in public, or at your workplace.

  • Charging infrastructure

Charging time

How long does it take to charge my electric car?

The time it takes to charge your electric car depends on a number of different factors.

  • AC charge
  • DC charge

Charging stations

Can I charge my electric car at any charging station?

Whether you can charge your electric car at a given charging station depends on your charging cable, and whether the station is compatible with your charging card.a

  • AC charge
  • DC charge

Charging costs

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

You can calculate your average charging costs with a simple little formula.

  • Charging costs

Smart charging

What is smart charging?

Smart Charging is a common term used for various functions in the charging station that make your charging process easier, cheaper and more efficient.

  • Smart charging

Load Balancing

What is load balancing?

Load Balancing prevents overcapacity by distributing the available capacity equally over all charging ports at a given location.

  • Overcapacity
  • Priority Load Balancing

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