Our partners

We partner with key players in various industries to ensure the best charging infrastructure for cities, businesses, and residents. When you partner with EVBox, everybody wins.

Network partners

EVBox works with two of the best EV network service providers in the U.S. — Greenlots and EVConnect. And we'd love to work with many more. Join us!

Car manufacturers

Major car manufacturers are starting to electrify their fleets in a big way. Having a charging station at your disposal is crucial for the adoption of electric cars. Now is the time to help your drivers charge everywhere they go.

Full-service providers

Become a full-service partner and start offering the entire EVBox portfolio to your clients: top-quality home and business charging hardware and a flexible and personalized charging management solution.

Industry partners

We work with non-profit organizations, research centers, advisors and policy makers that help us kick-off pilots — and most importantly — optimize the roaming of charging infrastructure across the globe.


Become a reseller of electric vehicle charging solutions by offering EVBox. Reap the benefits from the most reliable, flexible, and scalable charging stations on the market.


Become a partner, keep stock of our charging stations, and offer them to your technical & installation network. Add e-mobility solutions to your portfolio of products.

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Learn about our mission and values, and how we've become one of the world's leading electric-car charging solution providers.

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