Hit the road fully charged, every time

Charge your car as you binge your favorite series or while you sleep. With a charging station at home, you'll never have to head out with anything less than a full charge.

The age of electric mobility

More than three million drivers across the world have swapped their dusty old clunkers for clean, electric cars. As such, access to charging facilities have now become a necessity for many drivers. Unlike regular electricity sockets, a Level 2 charging station promises safer usage of your home and vehicle’s capacity — as well as a much faster charging time. With your very own charging station at home, you can head out every day with a full charge.

“I bought a home charging station right after I got my first electric car two years ago. It feels very reassuring knowing that my car’s topped off sufficiently every time I’m ready to hit the road.” - Gerard, EVBox customer.

Always leave with a full charge

The average electric vehicle now has a range of over 100 miles, and the average person still only drives ~30 miles a day. With a charger at home, you'll always head out with a full battery and never have to worry about filling up during the day. Take that, range anxiety!

Be a home charging genius

With a Smart Charging station at home, recharging your electric car is a snap. Voice activation and mobile app integration let you start/stop charging sessions and track your progress from the palm of your hand. Being smart has never been so simple!

Charge your EV for less

Charging at home is convenient, but with a Smart Charger like Elvi, you can track when your energy costs are lowest and set up your station to only charge during those hours. All you need to do is just plug in and save.

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