Home charging stations

Safe, smart, and simple. Save time by charging your electric car in the driveway or garage so that you can hit the road with a full battery every day.

Charging at home has never been easier

Forget the regular electrical outlet. Safely charge 8x faster at home by simply plugging your electric car into an EVBox HomeLine or EVBox Elvi station to charge, and then unplugging it to drive. With a 3-year warranty, a home charging station is a must for every EV driver with off-street parking.


Have an energy reimbursement plan with your company? Our stations help you easily track and get your your power consumption reimbursed.

Approved Installer Network

After a quote has been requested, we’ll put you in touch with an approved installation partner that will set you on your way.

3-Year Warranty

We back up our products with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty to give you peace of mind about your purchase.

Why charge with an EVBox charging station

3 Advantages of Managing Charging Sessions
  1. Powers up every electric car
    EVBox charging stations are compatible with every electric car model available, thanks to the variety of charging capacity options we have available.
  2. Charges 8 times faster (and more safely) than a regular outlet
    Our charging stations hold numerous safety certifications and compliance standards so that you can rest assured that EV charging will not put your home at risk.
  3. Ensures you leave home every morning with a full battery
    Avoid anxiety around finding an available charging station and paying more expensive public charging fees. Having an EVBox HomeLine or EVBox Elvi guarantees you’ll always have a spot to charge.


Not only do charging stations charge 8 times faster than a regular outlet, but EVBox HomeLine and EVBox Elvi are both certified and compliant with safety features that protect your home while charging.

Say no more. Our stations are integrated with the Hey EVBox mobile app, which tracks and documents your power consumption so you can invoice your employer.

EVBox chargers come with multiple charging capacity options so that they’re compatible with all electric cars currently on the market. EVBox Elvi is built to be future-proof, which means that it can be upgraded alongside upcoming electric cars.

Get a charging station that best suits your needs

Simply request a quotation for your preferred home charger and we'll get back with you shortly with the charging solution that best suits your needs!