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Electrification in the automotive industry

Over the past few years, the number of electric vehicles has grown fast. The car industry’s heavy-hitters have been transforming their businesses towards the design, development, and mass production of electric cars. But along with the innovation we've been seeing, new challenges have arisen.

  • How do we continue this transition during the pandemic?
  • How will the market change as a result?
  • What will be the future car trends?

Consequently, the discussion on 'how automakers are moving towards an electrification strategy' will explore opportunities in the automotive mobility industry for 2021 and beyond.

Together industry experts share their unique understanding of EVs along with inspirational success stories leading the way for the future of electric cars. You will discover innovative strategies companies are using for EVs and hear about new models coming out that will save money and energy.


  • Juliette Francon, Channel Enablement Specialist, EVBox
  • Chris van de Stadt, Product Manager, EVBox
  • Philipp Graf, Vice President of Automotive, EVBox

Special guests

  • Juan Zapardiel from Emovili
  • Andreas Schulze from ADL
  • Haroon Ali Akbar from General Motors

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