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North America


EV policies: What's happening in North America?

Investments in electric vehicle charging infrastructure are critical to boost electric vehicle adoption rates in the United States. The electric vehicle charger markets continue to be driven by supportive utility and government incentive programs, in addition to technological and business-model innovation. The current charger market is complex and involves different players.

This webinar delves into charging infrastructure policies in North America and the role these different entities play on the impact of this sector. We will explore perspectives from utilities, government, private owner, operators, and heavy and medium duty vehicle operators, on how to create a robust charging infrastructure across the continent.

We will discuss the role of each entity and the barriers they are experiencing. We will also examine the impact of the current pandemic and the required policy support and EV infrastructure investment plan that can help the charging market overcome the subsequent short-and medium-term challenges to recover completely.


  • Megha Lakchaura, Director of Public Policy & Utility Programs, North America, EVBox


  • Bridget Woebbe, Assistant Counsel NY State Dpt of Public Service
  • Benjamin Mandel, Northeast Regional Director, CALSTART
  • Carine Dumit, Director, Market Development and Market Policy, EastEVgo

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