Elvi is designed for every electric car now, and in the future. It's the only charger you'll ever need.

Upgradable, future-proof

Buying another electric car in the future? Elvi evolves with you. Simply upgrade your charging cable & charging capacity. All thanks to its "click-on" features and modular build.

Modular, low maintenance

Elvi’s modular design enables easier and faster installation for both the electrician and the user. Elvi embodies just three components: the wall dock, the station and the cable. Have Elvi’s wall dock installed by an electrician. So all you need to do, is to click on the station and the cable, and Elvi’s ready to charge!

Intelligent, efficient

Connected to the brand new Hey by EVBox app, Elvi allows you to track your charging sessions from the palm of your hand. Elvi also makes sure it consumes the available power in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Convenient, easy-to-use

Plug in the cable to charge, and unplug the cable to drive. We’re keeping it safe and simple, so you can enjoy your electric car with zero effort, at full performance.

Elvi specifications

We listed the basic specifications for our Elvi below. Looking for more technical details? Download the datasheet here.

  • 3.7-22kW Charging capacity
  • 1 Number of sockets
  • Wall Mounting options
  • Fixed Cable options

Elvi can't wait to meet you

Elvi is the first charging station from the new generation EVBox. The first deliveries are expected in the first half of 2018. Hit the button below and get notified once Elvi becomes available in your region.

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