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Our Operations, Finance and HR teams are indispensable mediators and the backbone of our business. Join the team!

The backbone of our business

Our Operations, Finance, and HR teams are indispensable mediators, and the backbone of our business. Attentive and agile, they're the ones who put the "pro" in process. These teams consist of specialists and managers that maintain a lean, healthy, and sustainable EVBox.

“What makes EVBox exceptional is that although we’re a scale-up on paper, we’re still a start-up at heart. This brings challenges to our operations, but it’s also something to treasure. It’s my goal to figure out how we can preserve this open, informal culture while we mature. How I can create enough space for every one of our team members to keep up with the pace and enjoy their jobs.”

- Merlyn Bijnsdorp, VP Human Resources

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