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Offer your employees the convenience of charging at work

The perfect EV charging solution for your workplace

We offer a range of electric vehicle charging solutions—chargers, software, and services. Our chargers are compatible with all EV models, powered by intelligent software, and installed and serviced by certified professionals.

Future-proof your business

We've got your workplace charging needs covered

Hassle-free EV charging

Our certified installers ensure your stations are installed quickly and maintained regularly. You can also settle charging costs between stakeholders effortlessly thanks to our automated payment flows.

A sound investment

Scale your charging network easily with our cost-efficient charging solutions. The high uptime of our chargers keeps your total cost of ownership low. Plus, you can earn additional revenue by setting charging fees for visitors.

Reach your sustainability goals

Offer the convenience of charging at work, all while complying with the latest sustainability regulations. You can also generate reports about the use of your chargers to help you make informed decisions.

Workplace charging stations



Charging management made easy

Easy, intelligent, and insightful. Our charging management software lets you track and manage EV charging right from your smartphone or computer.

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Automated settlement

We've automated the entire settlement and reimbursement process so settling transactions with employees and visitors is quick and easy.

Automated settlement
Detailed charging insights

Get real-time and historical insights into charging sessions drilled down per user, station, location, and time. Plus, export detailed reports to help you make better business decisions.

Detailed charging insights
Optimize your charging schedule

Schedule how much energy is allocated to charging at different times of the day and week to minimize costs and balance your overall energy consumption.

Optimize your charging schedule
Set charging fees and control user permissions

Control who has access to your stations, set your own charging prices, and grant users access to your charging management platform based on your needs and their responsibilities.

Set charging fees and control user permissions

Installation and support

Certified installation

Our certified installation partners ensure your charging stations are installed safely and quickly at the optimal locations on your site.

3-year warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with a 3-year extendable warranty on our products. Plus, benefit from automatic firmware and software updates.

Optimize your energy usage

Minimize peak demand charges, maximize the power available without overload, and avoid or delay the cost of updating your grid connection.

Here’s how it works

We're here for you every step of the way, from the first call to the installation and beyond.


Enter your preferences in this short online form and we'll contact you within one business day. It's free and takes just two minutes!


Note: If you rent your office space, or share the building with other companies, it's good to involve your property manager at this stage. Feel free to pass on our brochure or help us get in touch if they need some convincing.


You’ll receive a call from us or a certified EVBox partner to discuss the ideal solution for your charging needs.


Upon approval, our technicians will inspect your site and power capacity to determine your installation plan and price.


Our highly skilled and certified installers will set up your new stations safely at the optimal locations on your site.


We provide you with ongoing maintenance and support and are available 24/7 to answer any questions.

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