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Welcome to the era of mass EV adoption

In 2023, one in six new car buyers choose to buy an electric vehicle globally.*

This marks the beginning of a new era of mass electric mobility.


public charging stations worldwide*


longest range for an all-electric vehicle**


of global car sales are predicted to be electric in 2023*

The first phase of the mobility transition is complete

Globally, one in six drivers now choose to drive an electric vehicle: This means electric mobility has reached the tipping point for the mass adoption of a new technology.

This marks the beginning of a new era of mass electric mobility

In this new era, EVs are no longer only being purchased by the risk-taking, early technology adopters. This year, EVs have become an option for a wider audience for the first time. They’re ready for the masses.

Building a world where electric mobility is the new normal

To celebrate this milestone, we at EVBox wanted to introduce you to the next generation of EV drivers and challenge some common assumptions that people have about electric mobility. Welcome to the era of mass EV adoption.

Is your business ready for the era of mass electric mobility?

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The Global EV Outlook 2023*

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