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ChargeboxNet x EVBox

ChargeboxNet: Powering electric mobility in Latin America

Thanks to our partnership, ChargeboxNet is well on its way to creating Latin America's first and largest EV charging network.

Building Argentina's first EV charging network

Founded in 2018, ChargeboxNet—a division of Latenergy—is working to establish the first electric vehicle charging network in Argentina. Focusing on semipublic locations like shopping centres, restaurants, airports, and commercial parking lots, the startup’s mission is to make electric mobility accessible to all drivers and create a great customer experience.

With contracts to install more than 1500 EVBox charging stations over the next two years for companies like Carrefour, McDonald's, and Hotel Sheraton—to name a few—there’s no doubt ChargeboxNet is well on its way to achieving its goals. With 26 chargers already installed across the country, the future’s looking bright for electric mobility in Latin America.

As Nicolas Nervi, CCO, and Founder of ChargeboxNet explained:

“Building a vast network of chargers in key places gives drivers a sense of relief that they can charge anywhere. That’s why it's so important to invest in building our network, no matter how many EVs are currently on our roads."

Full support every step of the way

ChargeboxNet was drawn to electric mobility due to the lack of electric vehicles and infrastructure in Latin America. It knew that in order to build the largest charging network in Argentina, it needed support and expertise from a global partner who had been there before.

“We needed more than just a hardware supplier," explained Nervi. “EVBox has all the tools a partner could need to build and manage a charging network, no matter the size. We share the same business vision and providing an end-to-end solution allows us to move forward faster. Also, EVBox's global brand makes our customers feel comfortable doing business with us."

Through onboarding, comprehensive training about our products and services, and access to marketing, sales, and support resources, we equipped ChargeboxNet with everything they needed to become an official reseller of EVBox charging solutions.

“We participate in every training session, REVOLUTION Conference, and we try to get in touch as much as possible to bring information, experience, and knowledge to our region. A lot of things EVBox told us would happen, did happen," said Nervi.


charging stations installed over the next two years


charging stations already installed


EVBox BusinessLines to be installed at Carrefour sites

Charging solutions that evolve with electric vehicles

With only two models of electric vehicles in Argentina, ChargeboxNet needed a flexible charging solution that will evolve with drivers’ needs. Given this, the startup decided to start by supplying 22 kW EVBox BusinessLine and EVBox Elvi charging stations set at 7.4 kW. This allows customers to upgrade the charging capacities of their stations as new electric vehicle models enter the market.

Looking ahead, ChargeboxNet is planning to add 50 kW DC rapid charging stations (EVBox Troniq 50) to its network. From growing its charging network to becoming the biggest in Latin America, and expanding into more countries, the startup is feeling confident about its future ambitions. “The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it," said Nervi, quoting Abraham Lincoln.

When asked for his advice for new businesses entering the EV industry, Nervi said:

"Be patient and understand that we’re all building the future. Try to have a lean structure so you can invest in chargers if you’re planning to build a network or buy time to wait until the market grows. Being first in the market will give you a competitive advantage. Nonetheless, if you focus, invest, and stay consistent, you'll eventually succeed because sooner or later electric mobility will become the new reality."

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