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Nets x EVBox

Workplace charging at Nets

Nets has installed 100 EVBox BusinessLine charging ports to make it easier for its employees and customers to drive electric cars, thereby reducing carbon emissions.

Nets introduces workplace charging for its employees

Norway has long been open to accepting new technologies and innovation that make everyday life easier and more practical. Nets is the leading provider of digital payment services across Europe. The company works to develop innovative solutions that help to digitise society. From an environmental perspective, their services help reduce the need for paper and cash. Nets' internal environmental policy also includes the ambition to help employees reduce emissions when traveling to and from the workplace. Therefore, Nets has introduced a new and attractive charging option for its employees and customers who drive electric cars on its premises in the Groruddalen neighbourhood of Oslo.

Electrification of parking spaces

In recent years, Norwegian society has seen a large increase in the number of electric cars. The public charging infrastructure, on the other hand, has been deficient in relation to the number of electric cars available. Today, there is only one charging port per 24 electric cars. The employees at Nets also had limited opportunities to recharge their electric cars during the workday. As more and more people began acquiring electric cars, the company realised that it was time to invest in a better charging infrastructure for their employees and customers. As Jørgen Stråtveit, Country Manager for Nets in Norway said:

“We also have an internal environmental policy with a focus on reducing emissions during travel. Since public transport is not well-adapted for everyone, we chose to make this investment in order to help employees who drive electric cars recharge during the working day.”


of parking spaces electrified


CO2 reduction by 2025 by changing driving habits


EVBox BusinessLine charging ports


double EVBox BusinessLines with 22 kW charging capacity

Nets is now equipped with 100 electric vehicle charging ports

Nets went from 10 charging ports to a modern charging system with 100 charging ports. Due to dual sockets, smart charging functionalities, and the ability to charge employees for their own power consumption, EVBox recommended 50 dual BusinessLine chargers, which provide up to 22 kW of charging capacity per charging point. As Bekim Taraku, Head of Corporate Real Estate & Facility Management for Nets Norway explained:

“We chose EVBox after a comprehensive assessment of price and quality as well as their delivery, installation, and follow-up capability. But we have also emphasised a potential collaboration between Nets and EVBox on the payment solution.”

For the Nets car park, EVBox supplied EVBox BusinessLine charging stations with Hub-Satellite configuration. The advantage of this configuration is that the charging stations can communicate with each other for intelligent power management. “We are very pleased that Nets chose us as a supplier. It has been a very good process, and it is exciting to deliver such a large charging system for Nets together with our installation partner Bravida. From what we know, Nets' charging plant is one of the largest corporate plants installed in Norway,” said Malin Volder, Business Development Manager at EVBox Norway. The charging system can be used by both employees and visiting customers, and employees are charged for their own power consumption. Stråtveit explained:

“All employees who want to charge their electric car have their own charging chip, which can only be used at our facility. As there is limited charging infrastructure in the local area, we have also established a system so our customers have the opportunity to charge their electric cars while they are with us.

>How will Nets contribute to an even greener future?

With the new charging system in place, Nets hopes that the decision to buy an electric car will not be hindered by a lack of charging ports. By actively improving the charging infrastructure in the area, Nets is contributing to reducing emissions and a greener future.

As Taraku added:

“Nets has offices in 13 countries across Europe and we want, among other things, to reduce CO2 emissions from our own driving by 30 per cent by 2025, compared to 2018. We also want to do the same with flights.”

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